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Friends Church, St. Albans, 1907

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Friends Church, St. Albans, 1907
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The Friends Church was active in St. Albans from 1830 to the early 1900s. Members were known as the Society of Friends or Quakers. The original Meeting House consisted of one room with two rows of facing seats, one row slightly raised, and in the center a frame for shutters which could be closed dividing the room into two parts. Men sat on the right side and women on the left.

In the late 1890s membership and activity increased and through the efforts of Mrs. Hannah Bailey, and other Friends in Winthrop aided by the National Society of Friends, a new church was built. It was occupied in 1898. During the 1940s the building was used for living quarters. In 1946-1947 the church was rented by the St. Albans School Board to house the kindergarten pupils. In 1955 The Chatterbox Club purchased the building from Alonzo T. Williams. There are still traces of the Quaker cemetery behind the Chatterbox Club which is located on the Mason Corner Road near the intersection of town.

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